Sand & Soda Blasting


Soda Blasting

Soda Blasting is an environmentally friendly method of stripping paint or cleaning almost any surface.

Advantages of Soda Blasting over other cleaning methods:

  • Non-abrasive – When cleaned the surface being cleaned
  • Non Toxic - The ingredient used in soda blasting is sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).

Garnet Blasting

Garnet Abrasive is a clean, safe, economical and environmentally responsible replacement for sand

Glass Bead Blasting

Bead blasting is the process of removing surface deposits by applying fine glass beads at a high pressure without damaging the surface



  • Automotive restoration
  • Sculpture restoration
  • Industrial & food grade equipment cleaning
  • Paint removal
  • Cleaning delicate surfaces
  • Chassis & Suspension Cleaning

*Powder Coating Service Available - Please Contact Us for further information on this service